A special change in the Google map; Easy to find Indian addresses

You want to find an address that does not have time to ask someone. Google has made this thing a lot easier. Google Maps puts you in the place where you want it to reach, and it brings you right there. Not only this, the shortcuts, and the places where they have to turn, give details of how long they will have to turn., Google has made some significant changes to the Google map for its convenience in India.

For this, a new feature called Plus Codes has been launched. This feature, designed for the special Indian, will make it easier for Indians to find the road. In this, a unique code will be provided for each location, which will make it easier to find a specific place. So if you want to go to some place and you are looking for a road using Google map, then you have to record some things on the map. Then you can easily find the exact address. For that, on the Google Map, you must name the city along with that code. Then you will get the space you want.

Anyone with 6 digit code can use this code anywhere. It is also possible to share this code. This code can be useful for both users of desktop and smart phones. Along with this, the Voice service in Google Maps will now be available in 6 different Indian languages. It includes Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages.

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